Monday, September 3, 2007

Food, a Love/Hate Relationship

Food is one of life's sweetest pleasures but it comes with a price sometimes. You have to grow or buy it, you have to prepare it, cook it and clean up after it once you've enjoyed eating it. For some, struggling to burn it off afterwards is also a concern.

I believe in the variety of food helping you to live healthier. Go for a rainbow of colour on your plate and experiment a little with new techniques and new spices. Too many people's plates are bland looking and beige coloured with fried fast food. Make it your goal to help everyone in your house add more colour to their plates...especially your kids. The more variety you give them when they're little, the better they'll eat as they grow up. If you have a child who won't eat anything but mac & cheese and hot dogs, chances are that you've indulged that behaviour for a time!

Today's tip:
Use fresh spices whenever you can. Once you've tried cooking something with fresh herbs and spices over dried, you'll see a huge difference in flavour.

Cook with love and variety and you'll improve your health and expand your horizons!

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