Monday, November 19, 2007

How To Copy Famous Recipes

Many great cooks want to not only create their own culinary masterpieces, some of us want to copy some greats that we've already tasted. Whether you want to imitate a famous restaurant recipe or copy something you tasted somewhere by cracking the recipe there are some great ways to experiment and come up with close facsimiles. For instance, I think I have Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits pretty well down pat. I can almost completely replicate the flavour and texture of McDonald's Hash Browns although I do eat healthier now than when I made the discovery so I don't typically boast about that one.

How do you create a replica of a great famous recipe?

My mother-in-law can copy almost anything she sees or tastes by strange freakish talent. I'm getting the knack for it with some of my cooking. Not everyone can manage that. There are some great websites that can help you copy recipes. When I first got online, I had a computer program filled with famous recipes like KFC chicken, several famous chocolate bars, pre-made baked goods and plenty of spices and treats that were deemed top secret recipes. Now, this stuff is easy to find online. Here are two great resources. Top Secret Recipes and Copy Cat Recipes. These websites can be helpful and you will be surprised at some of the recipes you'll find!

How do you create your own famous recipe?

When you find a gem, save it for very special occasions so that people crave it. The fastest way to ruin a recipe is to make it for every event. Instead, make them beg you to make it! Don't tell a soul your secret recipe! If you write your recipes down or teach them to someone, swear them to secrecy and don't post it on the Internet whatever you do. Last weekend I commented to my husband that I had posted a family recipe here and he me the dirtiest look you might imagine. oops. A good recipe should be shared, shouldn't it?

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