Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chicken Cordon Yum

My sister in law and I made this variation of Chicken Cordon Bleu together the first time I tried it and it quickly became one of my favourite dishes. Part of the dish happened out of lack of the ability to keep the chicken together with twine or toothpicks but it turned out serendipitous in my opinion because it results in a center with chicken, ham and breading and the bottom of each piece has a lovely golden crust.

Here's how I make it:

Flattened, tenderized boneless and skinless chicken breasts need to be dipped in egg and milk (like a french toast batter) and then dipped in bread crumbs and spices. I like to use italian breadcrumbs and add in salt, pepper and my favourite Mrs. Dash seasoning.

Lay the breaded chicken breast flat and put on top a piece of black forest ham and a pile of mozzarella. Then, roll it up into a loose log and place it with the opening face down in a baking dish. Cover the outside with more breadcrumbs and some spice if you like and I like to put a little pat of coconut oil on top of each piece.

Cook it at 350 for about an hour.

You'll find that some of the cheese will have fallen out through the bottom and created a thick crust on the bottom. I'm sure this isn't how the chef's in a top notch restaurant would make this but I love the way the cheesy crust forms on the bottom. I know some chefs only bread the outside after fastening this into a roll but I love how the chicken breading sits inside the ham and turns out like a stuffing along with the ham and cheese. I enjoy serving this dish with a nice colourful salad and lots of italian salad dressing.


Brenda Emmett said...

So, my DH was reading this over my shoulder and guess what I need to make now? LOL! It sounds fabulous! Great idea! Although I love it,I always avoid Chicken Cordon Bleu because of the work involved in rolling it and securing it. The crusted cheese sounds divine. Thanks for a great recipe! :)

Dana Prince said...

Let me know how you like it, Brenda. I loved your cheesy vegetable chowder recipe and must make it again soon!

Teresa said...

That sounds delicious! I always have those ingredients on hand so it'd make a good weeknight dinner when I'm out of ideas and DH has no requests.

Dana Prince said...

It's one of my favourite recipes these days but sometimes I think it could use a sauce. I've yet to try to develop one that would go with it though and often dip it in whatever salad dressing I have with the side salad. Thanks for popping by!