Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cooking a Ham? Glazes and Leftover Ham Ideas

A ham is a beautiful thing. Cooking a ham doesn't take a lot of work as they're typically smoked so heat and serve. Here are a few options for ways to bake your ham so it turns out juicy with a nice glaze.

Brown Sugar Glazed Ham
Cover your ham with a mixture of: 1 cup brown sugar, 1-2 table spoons of vinegar, 1 table spoon of dry mustard. Bake at low heat in a covered roasting pan according to pkg directions. 2-3 hours at 300 is usually a safe bet being sure it doesn't dry out. I often make a second batch of the glaze to pour in as it's cooking.

Cherry & Pineapple glaze
Cover your ham with cherries and pineapples 9either place them on top or use tooth picks to hold in place) and add some brewed black tea to cover the bottom of the pot as well as a bit of juice from the can/jar of fruit. Remove the fruit when the ham is cooked and most probably won't want to eat it but the flavour that seeps through the meat and the juice left in the bottom makes it delicious!

What to do with leftover ham

If you have the chance to buy a big one, it's a great idea. There are plenty of things you can do with leftover ham.

Leftover ham can go in the freezer or other uses or use right away. Here are some tips:
-Toasted Western Omelette
-Eggs and Ham
-Ham and Scalloped Potato Bake
-Pea Soup With Ham

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