Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Greek Souvlaki Dinner

Tonight is Greek night at Chez Dana. Here's my Greek dinner.

Kebabs (with or without pitas)
Greek Salad
Greek Roasted Potatoes

Pre-made Souvlaki. Pork, Chicken or Turkey will do. If you don't want to do pre-made you can do a pork roast in Greek spices and put together your own kabobs. We really like Marc Angelo's kebabs as a version readily available in little blister packs in our grocery stores.

If I'm making it myself, I marinate pork, chicken, etc. in oil and Greek seasoning. My absolute favourite version is by Club House spices.

The kebabs take 20-30 minutes at 425 in the oven or you can BBQ them as well.

Greek Salad comes courtesy of Kraft Greek with Feta dressing mixed with a European lettuce blend, olives, feta cheese, cucumber and tomatoes.

Rice is most often my favourite Dainty Basmati but sometimes I use plan Uncle Ben's or some non-descript no-name brand as well. Good rice is in order instead of instant rice.

Roasted Potatoes for Greek night turn out best when you roast them with lots of Club House Greek and / or Emeril's Essence and use organic coconut oil. The flavour is gorgeous. (Put them on half an hour before cooking your kebabs)

The kebabs can be served on the bed of rice or in your favourite pita and don't forget the Tzatziki. I sometimes buy it pre-made or make homemade Tzatziki. myself with thick plain yogurt, shredded cucumber, garlic, lemon juice and dill.

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