Thursday, August 7, 2008

Teppan Salmon Cooked At Home

If you want to try a new salmon recipe, this one is wonderful! I went for teppanyaki (aka hibachi or Japanese Steak House) last week for our anniversary dinner and it was a wonderful experience. I have had salmon 3 times in my life where I've LOVED it and this was one of them. Other times I typically find it too strong and not so lovely. Our Japanese chef definitely cooked with love on our anniversary!

I watched closely and here's what the chef did:

Get the pan (a griddle preferably) really REALLY hot. Put a bit of oil on the pan and then put the salmon on top. Cook on each side for just a few minutes each. Aside from the salmon, put some butter and some soya sauce and a squirt of lime or lemon and mix together. After your salmon is almost fully cooked on the other side of the pan, transfer it on top of this juicy sauce to finish it off. Put a touch of cooking alcohol on if you like and light it on fire too. (SAfely of course. We tried this at home but evidently our method failed because it didn't catch fire. 'Twas still yummy!)

This salmon dish works great with stir fried vegetables and/or rice and/or fried shanghai noodles.

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