Monday, September 22, 2008

Garlic Bread You Need To Eat With A Knife And Fork

Ever had garlic bread so good that you had to eat it with a knife and fork? You've found your recipe here!

This adaptation came from Alice Fazooli's, a restaurant that served it and called it Crab Shack bread.

Unless you've baked your own fresh bread, buy a round loaf of French, Portuguese or Italian bread. Take a cast iron frying pan or cast iron deep dish pizza pan and place the bread in the middle.

Slit an X in the middle and stuff all areas of that slit with pats of real butter, with minced garlic and then sprinkle the top of the bread with fresh Parmesan and Romano cheese. Bake it on a low broil until bubbly.

Garlic Warning:

Eat this ooey gooey good garlic bread along with someone you love so they're not repulsed by your breath afterwards as you'll feel like you're able to kill small animals from a ten foot distance with just your breath.

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