Monday, September 22, 2008

Lemon Herb Asparagus

I wanted Asparagus with some flavour tonight so introducing my latest creation. This was tonight's side dish with Teriyaki Sesame Chicken and it turned out lovely!

Lemony Herb Asparagus

Wash fresh asparagus and trim ends off. Get a skillet nice and hot and spray with a bit of cooking spray. Toss in a pat of butter and cook asparagus on medium, turning frequently until they're soft. Put some salt, pepper and other seasoning on them as well. We use Mrs. Dash original.

Once the butter starts to turn brown, add a little dash of chicken stock from a tetra. Not enough to saturate the asparagus spears but enough to get the spices up and off the bottom of the pan and continue turning the asparagus. Add a little more chicken stock a bit at a time throughout the cooking process to ensure the asparagus has moisture to cook in and simmer on low. Just before you're ready to serve, squeeze juice from a fresh lemon wedge on and toss before serving. The combination of lemons, herbs and moisture from the chicken stock creates a lovely lemony glaze.


Jen said...

ok YUM! I *knew* I should've come to your house for dinner tonight. Thanks for the recipes. I will be trying them soon.

Dana Prince said...

Thanks Jen. It was an inspired evening in my kitchen tonight :)