Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today's Dinner: Lemon Poppy Chicken Breasts

This recipe was adapted from a Rachel Ray recipe and this is what is for dinner tonight:

Lemon Poppy Chicken Breasts

Bite sized pieces of boneless, skinless chicken breast dipped in flour
Add salt, pepper, fresh ginger(1/4 teaspoon) and fresh garlic(1/2 teaspoon) and Mrs. Dash
Fry in a few spoonfuls of olive oil in a big skillet on med-high
Add in grated lemon peel from two fresh lemons and sprinkle in lots of poppy seeds

When cooked, add in slowly a cup or so of chicken broth. I use the tetra pak of Campbell's chicken broth. The flour coating around the chicken will help it thicken.
Turn down to low and let it get 'happy'

When it's almost done squeeze juice of one lemon and stir.

We love to serve with baby carrots on a bed of cooked basmati or jasmin rice.

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