Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Making Gravy With Bovril

I love using Bovril to make gravy. While it's a big help, you can still get homemade tasting gravy.

Here's how I do mine:

Bovril Beef Gravy

Brewed tea, lots of liquid beef bovril (packets of powdered bovril work fine too but I like the liquid best)and beef drippings. Bring to a boil and then as it's rapidly bubbling, slowly pour in mixed flour and water or mixed cornstarch and water. An amount of about one cup but thick works great. Whisk the boiling liquid constantly until everything is thick and then if necessary, strain. Usually, this method results in lump-free gravy.

Bovril Chicken Gravy
Follow the same as above but with Bovril chicken bouillon.

Extra Gravy Tips:

-Using Bisquick and milk or water is a great thickening option.
-Use a dash of milk or cream in your gravy for a nice consistency
-Instead of ending with thickener, start with a spoonful of butter and flour and thicken from the beginning
-Add in a cup of condensed cream of mushroom soup for a mushroom gravy but start by frying fresh mushrooms as step one
-Add onion soup mix for an onion flavour
-Make your gravy and then add about 4 cups of a tetra beef stock for au jus and mix with roast beef slices.
-Make your gravy in the roasting pan on the stove for extra flavour

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