Saturday, September 22, 2007

Soup for The Soul

Soup really does soothe the soul. It's proven that chicken noodle soup can help you feel better when you're sick. There's the sacred heart soup diet to help you detox and lose weight and as Campbell's says, "Soup IS Good Food."

I make soup from scratch and I use some helpers as well. Here are some ways I add love to my soup.

-Use tea as a base. We use green tea for Asian soups, chai tea for exotic soups and regular tea as a soup base for any other soup. It creates a wonderful flavour! If you're sick, make your soup with White tea has superb healing powers for the ill!

-Save leftover vegetables and put them in the freezer. When making a soup toss them in. Save time, money and effort this way and get more vegetables in your diet!

-Make cream soups with milk. They're friendlier on your figure and I think they taste better. Make anything into a cream soup by starting off with some flour and butter in a warm pan and then slowly adding milk and simmering it once it's reaches a quick boil.

-Make homemade rolls or baking powder biscuits to go on the side. Nothing goes better with fresh homemade soup than fresh warm bread or biscuits with some melted butter!

-Make soup in your crock pot! It is easy and results in a wonderful flavour!

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