Sunday, September 23, 2007

Throwing Some Love Into Sunday Dinner

Growing up, Sunday was dinner usually at my grandparents and it was usually a roast beef dinner with gravy and mashed potatoes and cream corn. I have many happy memories of those dinners and being filled with laughter and extended family. Today, I enjoy Sunday dinners too but don't do it every sunday. Instead I do make efforts to have a nice dinner that's also family time.This means that we sit as a family and have a nice talk, say an extra meaningful prayer and that we always have a nice dinner.

We forgo fast foods, easy dinners and I try to avoid the microwave (which I do most days, anyway) as well and take a little extra eeffort. Too many families never dine together and share the special time of breaking bread together. We try to eat dinner together every night but Sundays I always go through a bit more effort. My boys are still little but I hope that they carry on the tradition when they grow up too.

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