Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stop Being Bored With Dinner!

Part of the process of lovingly cooking a meal comes from anticipation of the food itself. If you're bored with your meals and are not excited about what you're cooking, you aren't likely to make it with love. The result will be boring food that's boring to cook and boring to eat. Bleh. Food isn't just about fuel and sustenance, it's about flavour and passion!

If you are not cooking with love, start trying some new things. Get excited about dinner again! We all get in a rut with food. Sometimes my husband and I would wander around the grocery store aimlessly trying to think of something new for dinner. If you find you're cooking the same things and feeling bored with cooking, it might be time to dabble in some new recipes. Here are some tips to get you some ideas

-Watch Food shows on Food channels or your favorite recipe show. This is a great way to get some ideas. Try out a new recipe!
-Select a day a week where you try something new. If it turns out great, you have something new to add to the repertoire. Saturdays are perfect for this because you'll have more time and if it tanks, you can always run out for a pizza:)
-Try something totally different! Look at a cuisine you don't normally eat like Mediterranean, Mexican or Indian, or Thai. Wake up some taste buds by departing from the ordinary.

If you want to try something new today without running out to shop, try using this great tool: Cooking By Numbers. It lets you choose what you have in your kitchen right now and turn it into recipes.

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