Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fajita Fiesta

We love making fajitas at our house. I love chicken fajitas and my husband loves steak fajitas so we often make both. Anything that looks like a big spread smörgåsbord of food that we can assemble ourselves makes my family happy. We're not Tex nor Mex but we do love a good Tex Mex meal. Here's how we do chicken and steak fajitas:

Use thin strips of chicken or steak. (If I'm cooking both I cook them separately)

Fry meat in a little bit of oil or cooking spray and add your favourite spices. We use Mrs. Dash and Clubhouse Greek or any other table blend as well as some salt and pepper. When the meat is half way cooked, throw in lots of coloured peppers strips or rings, onion strips or rings and sliced Cremini mushrooms. Keep stirring. When everything is just about cooked I add a few tablespoons of salsa and toss it around loads and let it finish up. The meat has great flavour but that little bit of salsa finishes the steak or chicken and the stir fried vegetables nicely.

Gotta love assemble - it - yourself dinners!

We put out shredded cheese, extra salsa, sour cream and our favourite Spanish rice (my favourite is Rice-A-Roni Spanish Rice cooked with a half can of diced tomatoes) and pile everything in our own desired quantities onto our warm tortillas. Some of us even dollop our rice into the fajita while others like it on the side. These fajitas are awesome and if you make too much, they taste great the next day. We warm them either in the oven in tin foil or in the microwave under plastic wrap. Ole!

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